NFL Proposed CBA changes

The NFL Owners approved new changes including a 17-game schedule and an additional playoff team in each conference. It will also add two spots to the practice squad and active roster as well as an increase in salary.

I don’t like the changes of a 17-game schedule and expanded playoffs. It is not a good idea to add an additional game on the schedule with the health risks involved with the sport. I also don’t like the uneven number of games. The thing that bothers me the most if they make this change is not adding a second bye. A second bye will help players recovery. This change with remove the fourth preseason game. This change will affect players trying to make an NFL roster giving them one less opportunity. The 17th game will be a neutral site game. It is unclear all the games will be international games. I’m guessing they will go to college stadiums in places without an NFL team like Alabama, Iowa or St. Louis. I am not a big fan of the London games. The only good thing about the 17th game prevents fans from losing out on a home game. Teams should get a bye after they played in London or any city outside of North America. This could also lead to mourning football games, which I am not a fan of. I don’t know how many people enjoy it aside from hardcore NFL fans. The playoff expansion allows the team that previously missed out a chance to win a championship. I don’t feel the 7th best team should get a shot at a championship. The first round of the playoffs would feature six games over the weekend. That is too many playoff games. It will be tough for some people to watch six football games in a weekend. The 1 PM Saturday game is not a good timeslot an NFL playoff game and the Sunday night game is late for people on the East Coast. The one concern I have with these changes is too much football. The NFL and hardcore fans probably assume that everybody wants more football, but I don’t think that is the case. I do like the additional roster spots. It allows teams to have more players available. It will give guys more opportunities in the NFL. The players revenue will move up 1% to 48% and 48.5% if they go to a 17-game schedule. That is good for the players to make more money. This CBA is not giving players guaranteed contract. With the nature of football should be given to players. The Players are set to vote on accepting the proposal. I don’t know if they will accept, but they won’t hold off for long since the players will cave before the end of the year. Hopefully they will end up getting a good deal in the end.


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