Impractical Jokers Movie Review

The Impractical Jokers hidden Camera TV series released their movie this past weekend. The plot of the movie involves the jokers crashing a Paula Abdul concert in the 90s and 25 years later are invited to Miami by Abdul to a party. They got three passes and decided to go on a road trip where they will compete in challenges to decide who doesn’t go to the party. The plot of the movie is the weakest part of the movie. The movie aspects of the film weren’t very interesting. The beginning and ending of the movie were subpar and longer than they should have been. The best part of the story aspect was after they started on the road trip getting into their challenges. It did a good job translating to the next challenge. One thing I did enjoy from it was the running gag of Murr having a party in his hotel room and one of the Jokers knocked on his door to talk to him. The reason why I decided to watch the movie was the pranks and challenges like the show. That aspect was hilarious. The challenges in the movie were great, with some unique ones. It had a good mix of challenges built for specific jokers and traditional challenges with all of them competing. The some of the best ones include the Atlanta Hawks Job interviews, the broke-down car, Q’s social media influencer presentation, and Joe’s Cave challenge. I enjoyed all the challenges throughout. The weakest one is when they put a tiger in Sal’s hotel room. The ending of the movie was a little disappointing since they should have had a big punishment for the end. The punishment ending up being Murr tied to a small plane flying back to Staten Island. That punishment felt tacked on. The movie could have had a few more challenges over the story segments. The production was a step up from the TV show. The movie looked better visually than the TV show. If you are a fan of the show you will most likely enjoy the movie. I didn’t go into the movie expecting a good plot since it was something that didn’t matter much. I got what I wanted with the movie with the Jokers delivering a lot of laughs with their shenanigans. If they do make a sequel, they should have less focus on a story. It doesn’t have to be all pranks and challenges, but it should get to that aspect quickly with some story between them. It also needs to have a big punishment culminating the movie. It is a fun movie that I would only recommend to fans of the TV show.


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