Philip Rivers signs with Colts

38 year-old Veteran quarterback Philip Rivers has signed with the Indianapolis Colts for one year on a $25 million deal. . The Colts will likely draft a quarterback in the upcoming draft to develop under Rivers. It is their best move to sign a veteran for a year with a young QB on the bench learning. I expect he will be the quarterback for one year to transition to the young QB they draft. I imagine they will take it at a year to year basis because you are not going to commit to a multi-year contract with a quarterback in their late 30s at $25 million a year. Rivers does a great job this season there is a possibility they resign him depending on the progress from the quarterback they drafted.

As a Colts fan I like this signing for a one-year commitment. He is a quarterback that can help the Colts make the playoffs now. With the talent on the team Rivers doesn’t have to do too much. Rivers is going to have a better O-Line than last season. He also gained a running game with the Colts being ranked 7th in rushing yards and Chargers were 28th last season. The one thing I would be worried about is his age. It is very likely Rivers will continue to decline. The AFC South is a winnable division. The Titans are their biggest competition in the south. The Texans made some questionable decisions recently like trading one of the best wide receivers for a laughable haul. There is a good chance they are a playoff team, but Rivers doesn’t put them into championship discussions. If Rivers channels his 2018 performance than it is possible the Colts could be a Super Bowl Contender. My prediction for the Colts this season is 8-10 wins.


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